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We are a team of truck dispatchers and logistics specialists who  have the experience needed to keep drivers on the road and operations  running. By constantly studying the market we book top paying loads and  have contacts with America’s top freight brokers. We believe that  excellent communication is the building block of a successful  dispatching service and offer quality care to all of our clients. 

For independent Owner Operators operating under their own  authority we offer dispatch and other services to assist in putting your  operation in the profit lane. You probably have discovered that most  loads you may try to book will offer unattractive pay. Most well-paying  loads do not last more than 1 or 2 minutes before being booked by  another carrier. Based on our experience, we have to make countless  phone calls and send multiple emails to the shippers and brokers before  we can book solid-paying freight. In order to do that, constant  monitoring of the freight market is required. We understand that driving  and making 30-40 phone calls is a very difficult task. That is where we  can help! We will let you know where the current hot lanes are and  where we should focus our efforts on getting you to. We put our best  effort forward to find you a load and negotiate the best possible rate  for you. We shall book it and take care of any necessary paperwork (like  carrier set up packages). This way you can concentrate on driving while  we are taking care of your logistical needs.


If  you are a brand new carrier who just received your MC Authority or have  recently done so you may have already discovered many dispatch firms  will only work with carriers who have been in business for at least 6  month or more. There is a logical explanation for this.  There are a lot  of brokers who will not take a chance by booking loads with a newly  registered carrier and risking potential cargo loss or damage. Therefore  they will prefer a carrier who managed to stay in business for some  time and will present a lower risk. For a dispatch firm this translates  into more work trying to find brokers who will work with a newly  registered carrier. 

Here at Logistics Etc we believe that everyone has  to start somewhere! We have relationships with many brokers willing to  work with new transportation companies and we are willing to service new  carriers even so it may require additional effort on our part for the  first 6 month or so. In return we get a fully “accredited” client who  will continue doing business with us in a future!  We will guide and  assist you in a form of consulting.

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Our ramp up process is designed  to empower your team and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

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