Dispatch Service


 We research and find the right loads for our carrier partner trucks to haul, by utilizing our current shipper-partners and our network of freight brokers. 

Then our highly skilled dispatching freight agents  will negotiate the best current rates on the loads. Our credit  department will then acquire a credit check on all shippers and authorized freight brokers. We fill out all the necessary paperwork so you can move any load. This will save all our carrier partners valuable time in their day. For our dispatch application click below.


Factoring Service


 We offer one of the trucking industries finest factoring services  in the nation and believe in simple straightforward transactions,  without hidden costs and unfair termination fees. We understand the  importance of quick, easy, and reliable payments in the transportation  industry and strive to provide our clients with the best service in the  business. This focus allows us to build strong, long lasting  relationships built on trust. Get paid on invoices within 24-hours,  non-recourse and recourse programs are available. CLICK HERE for more information. 

Consulting Service


 Logistics Etc's consulting services are designed to help identify, strategize, and maximize your company’s strength while resolving and  improving weaknesses. Our consultants are industry experts who bring an unbiased and fresh perspective to your company’s needs, identify strategic opportunities to acquire accounts or industry segments that  leverage your existing strengths, optimize your business objectives, and maximize profitability. Our consulting sessions are free of charge to  dispatch clients and a fee of $75 per hour to others